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In Store Workshop

We are able to offer a full range of services in house. From Jewellery cleaning and repairs to a bespoke design or valuation service


At Paul David Jewellery, we want to help you keep your jewellery and watches as beautiful as the day you bought them. That’s why we offer an extensive range of repair and support services. 

We know sometimes that accidents can happen and our team are on hand to help if anything goes wrong.  

Jewellery can be very delicate and light, an expert hand is needed to make repairs. So even if you think you’re pretty handy, repairs to jewellery are best performed by a professional. 

Jewellery Cleaning Service

Has your jewellery become a bit dull? Whilst most jewellery can be cleaned at home it will sometimes require more specialist cleaning. At Paul David Jewellery we offer a jewellery cleaning service that can return the original sparkle and shine to your jewellery.  

Our jewellers will also inspect your jewellery for signs of wear and tear and suggest any repairs before any problems arise.

Jewellery Repairs And Alterations

Paul David Jewellers offers an affordable jewellery repairs service from both our Jewellery workshops in Marple and Glossop.  

Jewellery alterations from ring resizing, stone resetting and re-clawing to chain, bracelet and pendant repairs. Do you have a sentimental piece of jewellery that has broken and needs fixing? Have you caught your pendant and the chain needs fixing? Our team can repair all your jewellery breakages.


Sometimes, what you want to say is so special that you want your loved one be able to keep it and treasure it forever. 

At Paul David jewellery we offer a full hand and machine engraving service on rings, bangles, bracelets cufflinks, brooches, frames, cups, and many more precious metal pieces.

Scrap Gold

We buy your unwanted jewellery, from all types of precious metals like gold, silver or platinum to stone set and broken pieces. As an independent jeweller, we give a fair and competitive price for scrap bullion. Whether it’s a heavy gold chain or broken old rings please just call in for an honest evaluation. 

At Paul David Jewellery, we pride ourselves on fair, honest and trustworthy advice which is why we’ve been giving peace of mind and security for over 25 years. If you are looking to sell, part exchange or re-model any unwanted jewellery why not consult with us first, you’re under no obligation, we will simply offer our professional advice.


Whether for insurance replacement, probate, sales between parties, second-hand replacement value purposes, or simply to find out what your valuables are currently worth. Our experts examine your jewellery/watch pieces and provide a written valuation for you.We’ll take digital photographs, note any distinguishing features and write a full description of each item.  

To find out more about our valuation service, or to make an appointment, please just get in touch.